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Unique piston design

  • Enhanced inflation performance

Convenient Knob ridge design

  • Ensure no slip during pressure adjustment
    (while wearing gloves)

Screw type plunger

  • For easy & fast inflation


  • Dual o-rings for maximum inflation and no contrast reside

Minimal push button force to deflate

  • Only 43 N force required for pressure release
  • Less human effort to deflate

Extended protection to connecting tube

  • Prevents chances of leakage
Device Specifications
Parameter Description
Volume 25 ml
Range of positive pressure 0 to 30 bar
Lock mechanism Thread lock mechanism
Quick release button Yes
Plunger Screw type plunger
Volume dispensed 0.549 ml per 360o handle rotation
material Barrel: Polycarbonate
Plunger: Glass filled Nylon 6/6
Extension tubing: Polyurethane
Guage: Polycarbonate
Sterilization ETO*
Simple & Easy Design
  • Unique handle design to fit comfortably in either hand
  • Easy-to-control handle fro quick and stable inflation
  • Sleek & light weight device
  • Single operator handling
Exceptional Visibility
  • Black & White pressure dial guage: Ease of reading
  • Visibility even in low light environment
  • Angled pressure dial guage: Easy angle of reading during precedure