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Uniform distribution of coating on balloon surface

SEM images of the coating on the surface

Low magnification

High magnification

High magnification

Uniform coating surface of Peripherics

Competitor 1

Competitor 2

Competitor 3

Paclitaxel* concentration in arterial tissue up to 14 days

Semi-crystalline paclitaxel

Coating process

Coating on balloon

Paclitaxel drug load of 2 μg/mm2

Proprietary coating technology

  • Proprietary balloon design
  • Balloon material has been conceptualized to maximise force transmission
  • Balloon has been designed to maximise the drug transfer during inflation
  • Optimal adhesion of coating to balloon with minimal loss during transit to lesion
  • Desired wall apposition to enable effective and uniform drug delivery

Technical specifications

Catheter type OTW (BTK) OTW (SFA)
Recommended guide wire 0.018" 0.035"
Tip Soft and tapered Soft and tapered
Balloon markers Two radiopaque markers Two radiopaque markers
Usable length 150 cm 130 cm
Recommended introducer sheath 2-4 mm: 4 F 5-6 mm: 6 F & 7 mm: 7 F
Nominal pressure (NP) 10 atm 7 atm
Rated burst pressure (RBP) 14 atm 11 atm

Size matrix: 0.018” OTW (BTK)

Balloon Diameter
Balloon Length (mm)
80 100 120 150

Size matrix: 0.035” OTW (SFA)

Balloon Diameter
Balloon Length (mm)
100 120 150

Colored Sizes are make to order

BTK- Below the Knee, OTW - Over the Wire, SFA - Superficial Femoral Artery, SEM- Scanning Electron Microscope, MIC - Minimum Inhibitory Concentration,

PTA - Percutaneous Transluminal Angioplasty

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