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Our Vision

A world where life-saving healthcare technologies & products are accessible to all.

Our Mission

We are “Pledged to Save Millions” by making critical healthcare affordable for millions of people around the world.

Our Values


At SMT, we make the highest quality products at par with global benchmarks. This is ensured through collaborative teamwork such that each product is the end result of a robust, vigilant and validated process. This then stands true to the demands of modern technology and meets and exceeds the applicable quality and regulatory requirements.


Products don’t work towards a vision. It’s the people who believe in a vision and make every effort to achieve it. At SMT, we empower the people who can bring us closer to our vision. For us, they are the torchbearers of our mission. For them, it’s a playground where they can thrive.

Message from the CEO

Mr. Ganesh P Sabat

Message from the CEO

We started our journey 20 years ago with a pledge to save millions of lives by providing the most innovative solutions in the cardiovascular field. We are proud of our rich and innovative history of pioneering biodegradable polymer and ultra-thin stent platform.

Our daily work is saving patients’ lives and helping millions of people around the world. To achieve it, we continuously invest in research and development to keep optimizing and providing the most deliverable coronary stents with impeccable clinical results and comparable with best-in-class stents.

Our aspirations are to deliver unparalleled innovation, expand our product portfolio and achieve industry-leading productivity within a vibrant, diverse culture. In the past two decades, our R&D centre has developed broader and deeper knowledge in the cardiovascular field, increased our technology capabilities, and mastered an approach that harnesses our combined strengths to find the newest, most innovative and valuable stent solutions.

We have also evolved as a completely integrated manufacturer and unlocked new levels of productivity ensuring our continued capability to serve patients with highly competitive pricing. We are now looking to apply our knowledge base to other cardiovascular ailments and develop innovative technologies and efficient progressions that incubate hearty world, enliven physician aspirations and continue to make SMT a trusted emerging market leader amongst physicians and people at large.

SMT welcomes physicians, scientists, and like-minded individuals to join us in this exciting journey of SMT to save millions of lives worldwide.